Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services.

Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services. MRLAHANDYMAN with all thisis the solution, we offer all types of maintenance services: Electrical, Flooring, Carpentry, Irrigation, Painting, Plumbing and Remodeling. Call us today and our team of professionals will assign you a reliable technical team that can evaluate and diagnose your problem, we want to offer you the best solution.


Because our team is certified by the state of California for the confidence of you and your family.


Please  call  (323) 326-6211  MRLAHANDYMAN in Downtown Los Ángeles now.


Call us if you:

Electrical Problem?

Do you need repairs to your yard, garden or irrigation system?

Water wells and plumbing problems?

We paint your room in an orderly manner and without disasters

Are you thinking of remodeling or expanding your home?

The Handyman services most requested by our customers are:


Painting Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services

Team of professional painters recognized in Downtown Los Ángeles, With all this we are experts in all types of paintings, with us you will Of course get excellent finishes. We maintain strict standards to ensure a flawless and well done paint job that lasts over time.

MRLAHANDYMAN in exteriors and interiors, is the solution. We adapt to custom designs.

Electrical and Lighting Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services

Surely we solve electrical and lighting problems. We have the tools and specialized equipment for electrical work. It is for this our professionals can fix any electrical and lighting problem as well as help in changing hard to reach light bulbs, we are experts in installing light fixtures, Likewise putting up Christmas lights, replacing fluorescent bulbs, among other things. If you have electrical and lighting problems call us now.

Carpentry Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services

First of all we perform new and maintenance work for bathroom doors, exterior doors, gates, windows and garages, call us we can serve you.

Similarly our carpentry services, are of quality and with guarantee, For we work measure. We can also perform maintenance to your furniture or wood cabinets, therefore we have a specialized mobile workshop for this type of service and call us now.

Maintenance Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services

Our maintenance area is available to assign the staff during you need for deep cleaning in hard to reach spaces, In the same way we can also help you in the installation and modification of spaces and furniture in your home. Therefore call us if you need personnel for any moving activity or change of environments. Call us now and we will have the best solution for you.

Plumbing Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services

We have a team of experts experienced in solving plumbing problems for your home or business. With all this MRLAHANDYMAN can help you with plumbing, unclogging, pipe fitting and replacement, In fact anything you need in this area our staff surely can fix it. Call now and talk to an expert.

Irrigation Systems Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services

For your garden or home, we can offer you different alternatives in irrigation systems and landscaping, Therefore you will get pleasant environments with modern irrigation systems and adapted to your budget, call us now MRLAHANDYMAN.

Construction and Remodeling Downtown Los Ángeles Handyman Services

Our team of builders can create new spaces and make extensions immediately if you require it. We work with plans and make proposals for the design of new spaces. Call MRLAHANDYMAN if you are looking for construction.

Please call (323) 326-6211  and talk and find the best HANDYMAN service in Downtown Los Ángeles!

Our staff is available to make sure your needs are taken care of in a timely manner. Call us today and our team will provide you with the best solutions to fit your budget.